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Jelly Bean Chocolate Bark Recipe & Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Bean #Giveaway

Gimbal's Jelly Bean Bark Recipe and Giveaway for National Jelly Bean Day April 2017

  To celebrate National Jelly Bean Day, I decided to make some delicious bark for the adults and decorate some cupcakes for the kids. This is great for Easter and all year around. Gimbal’s Fine Candies provided me with two different types of jelly beans. The first type of jelly beans are Gimbal’s Gourmet. These […] Read more…

What’s your Jelly Bean Horoscope?

Gimbals Jelly Bean Flavor and Personality Horoscope Pairing National Jelly Bean Day April 2017 Jelly Belly

  Gimbal’s Fine Candies have created a Jelly Bean Flavor Horoscope Pairing just in time for National Jelly Bean Day! Find out what your horoscope says about you.   I’m an Aries and the flavors are right up my alley. I love wild cherry and pina colada. Mix them together and it’s heaven! My personality […] Read more…

Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

It’s April 22nd Do you know what that means?   It’s National Jelly Bean Day!   National Jelly Bean Day is observed every year in the US on April 22nd. This delicious candy became associated with Easter during the 1930’s. Now jelly beans are enjoyed all year long.   * Here are some interesting facts […] Read more…