Conjugated Linoleic Acid is also known as CLA. It not only
helps to reduce body fat but it also increases muscle strength and exercise
endurance. CLA is related to the Omega-6 fatty acids which is one of the
two types of essential fatty acids that help the body increase metabolic rates,
boost the immune system and keep cholesterol levels in check.  
Regardless of your body type, everyone can benefit from the
effects of CLA. Overweight people use CLA to lose weight, burn fat and add
muscle by increasing their metabolism. Normal or athletic body types use CLA to
maintain body weight and prevent fat storage.
CLA is found in dairy and animal fats such as beef, lamb,
whole milk and eggs. However, it’s only common in small doses. Changes in food
processing, farming and the modern diet have contributed to an 80% reduction in
the amount of CLA we consume. So many of us do not have helpful amounts of CLA
in our diets. By increasing the amount of CLA that your body consumes, studies
have shown that there is more of a chance that your body fat will be reduced.
The ideal daily allowance of CLA is a minimum of 3 grams. This means that you
would have to consume more than 7 pounds of beef or 4 gallons of milk a day to
achieve that level. This is why a CLA supplement is an essential complement to
your diet.
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Assists healthy weight loss
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces fat storage
  • Helps trim waistline
  • Helps reduce fat deposits
  • Improves body composition
  • Supports your immune defense
  • Promotes better health

While most fat burning products tend to affect the entire
body evenly, CLA starts to affect the abdominal region first. Studies show that
most people see a difference in four weeks. The main way in which CLA works is
by burning calories at a highly efficient rate. This increases your
metabolic rate and will cause your body to work faster, therefore you burn
calories more quickly. It helps the body convert food
more efficiently into energy. CLA helps to alter the body’s fat to
muscle ratio. It’s known to promote muscle growth which helps you burn
CLA’s benefits extend beyond weight loss. Studies have shown
that women with increased levels of CLA in their body tissue have lower breast
cancer rates. Similar findings have been reported for colon and prostate
cancer. It’s also been linked to improve immune system function, as well as
decrease in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and
Why choose Weight Loss Development’s CLA Superior over
others? They are a small American family run business with great
customer satisfaction. They put their heart and soul in to making the
highest quality product for their customers. Their mission is to spread
knowledge about weight reduction, and to use new scientifically-backed research
in products and services that help you reduce weight and stay fit. They also
offer a No Risk – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Their CLA contains 80%
pure CLA which is the highest quality on the market. Each batch undergoes
rigorous scientific testing by their quality control experts. They meet
the FDA standards and each ingredient is issued a Certificate of Analysis. This
product is made in the USA. 

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 Weight Loss
Developments’ CLA softgels twice daily, together with meals. CLA taken together
with a healthy diet and exercise is a highly effective way of losing weight,
particularly in a long-term perspective. This acts like a triple helix effect:
1+1+1=5. In other words; CLA + a healthy diet + exercise = greater effect due
to synergies. CLA is a weight loss supplement that you can, and should, use
long term for the best results. In comparison to other weight loss supplements,
it is perfect in this regard. CLA is a supplement you can use continuously to
increasing effect, while the effects of many other fat burners fade after 3-6
weeks, meaning you need to take a break from them and start again later to be
able to derive weight-loss effects. With Weight Loss Development’s CLA no
breaks are needed at all. You can continuously take your daily dosage to
promote fat burning and muscle growth.

I was taking CLA not too long ago for several months. I
noticed a significant amount of weight loss. I got off the product for a few
months. I was not on a strict diet and I did gain some weight back. So I
decided to start taking CLA again. I’ve been taking CLA Superior now for a month and a half. I have noticed a difference in this brand compared to others that I have tried. This one actually suppresses my appetite more than the others did. I also feel like I have more energy. I have not only lost body fat, I have also gained muscles. I can
see some definition in my muscles now. I did lose some weight while taking this product. I
can’t rely on the scale though because muscles weigh. I can tell I lost inches just by
how my clothes fit. I had to purchase some new jeans because my old ones were too large in the waist and I could not keep them pulled up. I previously had high blood pressure. I went back to the doctor after taking this product for only one month. I no longer have high blood pressure! All my levels were great. I feel less bloated and feel better overall. I currently take 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules before lunch. I can’t wait to see my results after longer use!

CLA is a realistic solution to weight loss. An
effective daily amount of CLA is critical for achieving your weight loss and
fitness goals. CLA Superior is a weight loss supplement with the purest natural
source of Safflower available and can be found on Amazon.com*
Order on Amazon NOW and receive a FREE Weight Loss Guide E-book and 30 Day Ticket Concierge Program.

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have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, or cure any disease.

I received this product in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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