intelliGLASS is the most
advanced screen protector available. Never let a broken screen ruin your day!
This revolutionary screen protector stops scratches, repels oils and smudges,
and provides the best screen protection possible.

Each intelliGLASS kit

0.3 MM
intelliGLASS screen protector 

screen cleaner 

removal tape 

No Bubbles – These screen protector’s have an advanced
silicone base layer that adheres to your phone or tablet’s screen easily and
without bubbles. 
No Fingerprints – Specially crafted with an oleophobic outer layer to repel oils and smudges.

No Scratches – They have an ultra-hardening real glass layer
that has been specially treated to have greater scratch resistance than steel.
It has a surface hardness of 9H that can withstand hits and dings. Only a diamond
is harder than this screen protector. 

intelliGLASS is crafted to have better scratch resistance than
steel. It provides maximum coverage while maintaining longevity and durability.
The ultra clear screen protector is designed for
maximum transparency and touch sensitivity. With an ultra-thin, lightweight shell, the screen protector molds perfectly to your device. It has precise port cut-outs. The anti-glare an shock absorption maximizes the visibility and absorbs impacts. 

While I’ve never had the glass broken on my phone, I can’t stand fingerprints and smudges. I always have problems trying to get the screen protectors on my phone without having issues with bubbles. For this reason, I always have to buy a multi-pack because I can never get the first screen protector on without messing it up. I had no issues what so ever with the intelliGLASS screen protector. This has solved all my problems! It is nice and thick but you you can see your screen even more clearly with this on. I am truly amazed by this product. I am definitely a long time customer. I will no longer buy those other hard to use screen protectors. 

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intelliGLASS Screen Protector

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