MKF Collection CLAUD Pyramid Stone Shoulder Handbag
This CLAUD tote handbag from the MKF Collection is stunning!
The designer inspired purse is a great accessory to any wardrobe. It’s prefect
for everyday wear yet classy enough for a night out on the town.
There are eight gorgeous colors to choose from: Black, Blue,
Bronze, Brown, Pewter, Pumpkin, Red, and Taupe. You are sure to find a great
color for your style and fashion.

I always leaned towards black purses because I wear more
black and it’s a neutral color. In this case, I couldn’t pass up on the taupe.
Although it’s still a neutral color, it seems to have more character by having
a dimensional look. The purse is overall taupe but has hints of darker shades
throughout the purse.
This purse is made with durable PU leather material. PU
(Poly) Synthetic Leather is a man-made material that represents the look and
feel of Genuine Leather. PU Leather is a material made with split leather
backing covered with a layer of polyurethane that is applied to the surface and
then embossed with grain patterns to simulate the appearance of top grain
leather. The resulting product has a texture that is easy to clean and
maintain. This purse has that genuine leather texture look and feel.

CLAUD Pyramid Stone Handbag from MKF Collection

There are many great characteristics to this purse. One of
my favorite things to look for in a purse is a chain strap. I feel that having
chains on the straps make them not stand out so much and always get in the way.
With chains the straps just fall to the side and it makes it easier to get in
and out of your purse. THis purse has a small silver link chain on each strap
that connects to the soft double sided shoulder handles. These are not cheap
looking chains either. There are two rows of box chains and they are connected
to the purse by metal pieces/bars. These metal pieces add a little something
extra to the look of the purse also. On the backside there are diamond patterns
etched on and it gives it a little sparkle. The chains are approximately 3”
long. The double shoulder handles are really soft and durable. The top of the
straps are perfectly stitched in the middle with a black accent line. The
straps give the purse about a 10” drop.

Another distinct character of this purse is the pyramid
stones. In each corner there are stone details that look like little pyramids.
This definitely makes the purse pop. They do not seem to be glued on and are
not cheap looking at all. The stones look to be very sturdy and will not come
off easy. You will also find the same type stones at the top of the purse
around the handles area but these are a round shape.

CLAUD Pyramid Stone Handbag from MKF Collection

The purses closes with one zipper. Inside you will find lots
of rooms with many compartments. You will find the usual back zipper pocket
which is trimmed with same material as the purse. One the same side you will
find one large compartment that has a zipper pouch attached. This is not a
divider in the middle of the purse. It is attached to the side of the purse to
give it one large opening for storage and a zipper pout for more storage. Each
are approximately 6” deep. On the other side of the purse you will find two
pockets that are trimmed with the PU Leather. Both pockets are 3.25” deep. The
overall depth up to the main zipper is 12” tall. There is plenty of room in
this purse to store anything you need. Great for larger items like iPads, tablets
and netbooks. There is also zipper pocket on the outside of the purse which is

CLAUD Pyramid Stone Handbag from MKF Collection

This handbag is truly stunning and I have enjoyed every
minute using it. It looks and feels like an expensive genuine leather bag. I
have received lots of great compliments on it. This would definitely make a
great gift option but be careful as you may be inclined to keep it for
yourself! Check out all the adorable colors available on Amazon.

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12 thoughts on “CLAUD Pyramid Stone Handbag from MKF Collection”

  1. LOVE this! Great design You know what else I love about this bag? The inside color is not black! So many bags have black insides and that makes things hard to find. Maybe its just me that feels this way. I love the details on this bag too. Going to check them out on Amazon right now and put one in my wish list!

  2. Beautiful bag and love all the detail. This really looks like it would be versatile and easy to pair with an outfit. I have the worst problem finding large enough bags to carry everything I need but not look totally bulky. Checking these out now.

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