JGOB Black Charcoal Makeup Blender Sponge Giveaway

Makeup Blender Sponges have changed the way we apply our
foundations. It helps to leave a gorgeous flawless look. JGOB has a Charcoal
Makeup Blender Sponge that is extremely soft to the touch. It glides across
your face and evens out your foundation leaving no streaks. This sponge is a teardrop
shape which allows you to get into creases with ease.
Who wants to waste their foundation by using other type of makeup
sponges? With this Makeup Blending Sponge, you are able to prevent wasting your
makeup which in turn saves you money. Simply soak the sponge in water and let
it absorb as much as it can. By wetting the sponge, this will allow the
foundation to set on top of the sponge and not soak into the middle so you can get
the most out of your foundation. Be sure to squeeze out the excess water before
using. You can apply your foundation onto the back of your hand and dip the blending
sponge into the foundation and apply. Be sure to bounce the sponge along your
face and don’t rub.

I’ve recently switched from a foundation brush to this
makeup blending sponge. I noticed that my foundation brushes would leave
streaks. Other types of makeup sponges would soak up the foundation. Applying foundation with my hand is just out of the question because it would put dirt and oils on my skin and cause breakouts. This makeup
blending sponge gives your face a smooth look. It’s almost like you airbrushed
your makeup on.
The makeup blending sponge is reusable. It’s simple to keep
clean. You can use a Blender Cleanser or even baby shampoo. Apply a small drop
to the sponge and gently tub in. Then run the sponge under water and massage until
all makeup is removed. Then let the sponge air dry.
This makeup blender sponge is approximately 2.5”. It will
come wrapped in plastic and placed inside a plastic travel case. The case is
2.75” x 2”. It’s great to throw in your purse for those moments that you need
to freshen up. It’s also great to use when traveling or simply just for storage.

You can use this Makeup Blender Sponge to apply your
favorite foundations, moisturizers, serums, and even primers. It’s a great way
to get a flawless look and save money by not wasting your beauty products. Check out JGOB Black Charcoal Makeup Blender Sponge on Amazon.


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  1. I have seen these sponges on some of the review sites and wondered why everyone was so crazy about them. I wasn't really sure how it was used. After reading your review, it make me want to try them as well. After you use it and rinse it off do you let it air dry on the sink or put it in a baggie or something?

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