FACES Beautiful Brush-On Mineral Makeup
Get a fabulous flawless look with FCAES Beautiful Brush-On
Liquid Mineral Makeup. Don’t worry about makeup brushes and sponges again. Enhance your skintone with this Brush-On Makeup. There are currently three skin enhancing shades to choose from that are sure to
go with most skin tones.
RADIANT BEIGE – if your skin tends to be a bit sallow
HEALTHY NUDE – if you have excess pink in your skin
SUN GLOW – if your skin is very tan, Indian, or Hispanic
This Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup is simple to use and
ensures and even distribution. The air-tight tube has a convenient attached synthetic
brush and is great for storing and traveling. It feels feather-light and silky
smooth. It provides a great coverage leaving your skin glowing. The brush-on
technology is a new innovation that every woman will love. You will use mineral
makeup in a completely new way. Never worry about that messy powder again. You
will get a water-resistant finish all-day long.  This unique formula will leave your skin
looking completely natural. FACES Beautiful Mineral Makeup actually improves
the texture of your skin so it gives you a flawless finish.
This long-wearing makeup is designed to last all day and
night. One of the best features about this makeup is that no powder is needed.
It also has a built-in primer that provides a natural finish. You will look and
feel like your face has been professionally airbrushed.
The makeup is great for all skin types. It has a unique quality
of absorbing excess oils in your skin so it’s great for acne prone skin. The
formula is very light and allows your skin to breath. It’s also hypoallergenic.
I love the convenience of the makeup and brush in one. The
brush is simple to use and you never have to clean it. All you have to do is
turn the brush to the on position and squeeze a little foundation out. Once you
have the right amount, turn the brush to the off position and then apply to
your skin. I’m so happy to get rid of all my sponges and foundation brushes. Constantly
washing them and drying them out can be a pain sometimes. This foundation feels
silky smooth on my skin and does not leave me with a greasy face. It’s a
natural look and feels so light on my skin. This is excellent for the hot
summer months. This mineral-based foundation also provides sun protection for
your skin. This is truly a great invention! 

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Brandi Hayden

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11 thoughts on “FACES Beautiful Brush-On Mineral Makeup”

  1. This is the first liquid mineral makeup I have seen and I am very intrigued! I agree with you about cleaning brushes being a pain at times. And nothing is worse than needing one and it not being dry! Ugh! Their delivery and application systems are awesome. My only concern would be matching my skin color.

  2. This really sounds like something I would love to try. I have been using mineral face powder, blush and eye color, so I am not new to mineral makeup. I have also used liquid mineral foundation but having the brush attached to the tube would probably make it a lot simpler and easier.

  3. I had given up on the powdered mineral make up because if it got in my eyes I had an allergic reaction. But I liked the way it looked!

    Now I know they make a liquid so I'm going to look for it.

  4. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I like how this is applied. I was wondering if it went on even and if it wore well. Thanks for the info!

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