It’s that time of the year to start decorating for the holidays! It’s something that I dread at times because it can be a hassle yet it’s also so exciting especially when you have new items to decorate with. Hanging lights on your home can become difficult especially when you have a spouse like mine who hates heights and just doesn’t want to get on a ladder. No worries because yard decorating has become so easy these days. This year I have my first Laser Light Projectors and I really love them. All you have to do is put the stakes in the ground and plug it up. It’s so simple that anyone can do it. These come in lots of different colors and patterns.

This year I also have my very first inflatable and I was so excited to set it up in my yard. The inflatable Santa is sitting in a plane with presents on the back. The best part about this Inflatable Santa is the animated propeller. It looks like Santa is ready to fly off to deliver presents. Since this is my first time with an inflatable, I was worried about how to set it up properly. The seller included a cute little Christmas card which had some instructions.



Everything was pretty explanatory but where to place the tethers were in question. The tethers are the strings that hold the inflatable down so it stays securely in place. So what I did was partially inflate the Santa with the included blower vent. Then I inserted the tethers one at time into the attached loopholes on the inflatable. As I placed the tethers on the loopholes, I secured them to the included stakes and placed them in the ground loosely. After all tethers were attached, I fully inflated the Santa with the blower vent which attaches to the backside of the plane. Then I readjusted the stakes securely into the ground. It may sound like some work but it’s not hard at all once you figure it out.



This inflatable is a lot larger than expected. It’s approximately 7.5’L x 5’H x 8’W. Not only does the propeller spin but the inflatable also has LED lights inside so it can be seen at night. In the front seat of the plane is Santa wearing an aviator hat. The back seat features a few wrapped presents. The plane is red and white striped with North Pole Express on the side. The small detachable blower vent allows for super fast inflation. When you’re ready to turn off your holiday lights for the day, simply unplug the blower vent. Santa will deflate in seconds. You can leave everything set up as is so no worries about having to cover the blower vent or anything. Mine has withstood strong winds and heavy rain recently when we had a bad storm come through. Rain may get inside the inflatable but it will drain out through the zipper area without any problems.



I am so pleased with this inflatable as are many others. My neighbors were so intrigued that many came over to look at it. Inflatables and Laser Light Projectors are definitely the way to go during the holidays. It’s more decor than the old fashion way of just hanging lights on your home.


Decorate your yard this Holiday Season with the Inflatable Santa in an Animated Plane from the North Pole Express



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Brandi Hayden

Brandi Hayden

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12 thoughts on “Santa’s Flying the North Pole Express this Holiday Season”

  1. Hey, that's great. We used to live on a street, when we lived up north, where every house would blow them up in the pm. and take them down in the am. It was like a neighborly howdy to be out there doing it at the same time. They're all cute too, I love the one you have!

  2. Laser light projectors! Oh, that looks so awesome. I’ve never been a big fan of inflatables– I suppose it’s sort of irrational, but I can’t help but think that somebody’s going to come by and vandalize/destroy them! (Eek!)
    …Well, tonight is Christmas Eve! I hope that you are having a lovely night; Happy Holidays!

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