I was looking for a unique gift item for my niece who has just about everything. I came across some light up shoes and thought those would fun. After further research, I came across some light up Heely Rollers Shoes. Now that’s something that she doesn’t have! I thought these would be great for her as she’s really active. So I eventually found an adorable pink pair of Heely Single Roller Shoes by VMATE.



These Heelys are so much fun! I wish I had some when I was younger. The seller had the shoes wrapped up in a shoebox which was nice since I was giving this as a gift. I received a pair of shoes without any extra parts to keep up with. The rollers are built-in the sole of the shoes which I really love.


I want to begin with the first pair of skate shoes that I ever purchased. This is a different pair of skate shoes that I got for another one of my nieces. Of course I didn’t know anything about skate shoes until both of these purchases. I mention this because I learned there are different types of skate shoes. The first shoes I purchased where Heely Double Wheel Roller Skate Shoes. These shoes have two wheels with one being removable and the other built-in the sole. These are nice skate shoes but I didn’t like the fact that you would have to carry around extra pieces to your shoes. The extra pieces are one wheel and rubber sole cover per shoe plus a small tool that is used for removable. So that’s five pieces that you have to keep up with. You can slide the cover to the back wheel and then push the large button on the backside of the shoes to eject the wheel. Then you will have to use the included tool to remove the rubber sole cover and insert the removable wheel. Now you are ready to take off! If you just want to walk and not skate, you will have to push the back wheel back inside the sole and slide the cover over it. Then you will need to use the tool to help remove the front wheel and then place the rubber sole cover on top to protect the wheel. It does take some effort to convert them but they are really fun and kids love it. This particular pair of skate shoes are mostly a shiny pleather and can easily be wiped clean. However, these do not light-up. Since these have two wheels, they tend to be a bit heavier than the single wheel shoes.



So if you are looking for skate shoes that also light up, these Heelys are perfect! The difference between these two skate shoes are the wheels. These Heelys only have one wheel in the back. Well, I must admit that I was so confused when I got these shoes. How does one skate with only one wheel?! I went back to the product listing to re-read the description as I thought I may have just gotten a defective pair. I was completely wrong! So I ended up doing some research and watched a video. It’s very interesting and seems like it may take some time to get the hang of it. Kids seem to learn a lot faster than us older ones. So check out this video below courtesy of Bayside Blades on YouTube.com


Please note that these are not the same Heelys. The ones in this post do NOT have a removable back wheel. This is just to demonstrate how to use single wheel Heelys.
As you can see from the above video, Heelys are great for kids and adults! If you watched the entire video, you would see the “stunts” towards the end of the video. This would probably be me! They can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing so the suggestion of wearing protective gear is a great idea, until at least you learn what you are doing.


The Heelys by VMATE are a pretty dark and light pink. These are pleather and can easily be wiped clean when needed. They are lace up with a velcro strap. The sides of the sole are frosted and transparent. By simply walking the front and middle portion will light up automatically in four different LED colors: pink, green, blue, and white. You can see the flashing from both sides of the shoes. There’s no need to charge these shoes which is another hassle eliminated. To eject the wheel, slide the cover down and press the large button on the back of the shoe. Now you’re ready to start skating! When you want to convert it back into just a tennis shoe, simply press the large button, push in on the wheel, then cover the wheel for protection. None of these parts come off which is a plus in my book. You don’t have to worry about carrying extra pieces and wondering if they will ever get lost.



In my opinion, the double roller skates are great for younger kids or beginners. The single roller skates may be best for those that have accomplished the double roller skating first. Either way, these skate shoes will help children with balance so it’s not just a fun pair of shoes. There’s lots of sizes and colors available for both females and males. You just need to find the perfect pair for yourself or a loved one.


Click HERE for a list of Heely Skate Shoes for both girls and boys by VMATE
Click HERE for a list of Heely Skate Shoes for both girls and boys by YCOMI




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36 thoughts on “Fashionable Light-up Heely Skate Shoes for Kids”

  1. This pair of shoes is really cute! I would have loved to wear something like this when I was a child. I bet your niece would love them and she would be the most fashionable girl in school.

  2. What a lovely gift! This style has been in since last year and I've seen a lot of kids wearing something similar. I'm sure there's a kid in the family who's been wishing to have a pair of these!

  3. my daughter been wanting to have this kind of shoes! i'm just not quite sure if she's ready for skate or anything with wheels on her shoes. the mum instinct of mine cannot agree haha but they are very cute and looks fun to have both in one

  4. Such a really cute shoes, I love the colors and I bet my niece would surely love this as a gift, glad you share this

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