Easter tends to be a fun holiday for kids. They love the
mystical idea of an Easter Bunny bringing candies and other treats. Children
also enjoy the thrill of hunting for eggs. When I was younger, the most memorable hunts
for me were the fake eggs with money. There’s nothing better than eggs with
money and candy both! What kid doesn’t love money and candy? We also get to
enjoy spending time with our kids doing fun Easter activities such as dying

Some of these Easter traditions are said to be symbols of
what the real meaning of Easter is. To my surprise, most children don’t know
what Easter is really about. Star from Afar has created a fun and
educational activity for the whole family to learn about this special time of
the year. 

“The Easter Story Egg” box set comes with a story book and wooden
nesting eggs.

This family activity set comes with an 8” x 8” x 3”
hardcover book and seven wooden nesting eggs. The book has 39 beautifully
illustrated pages. It begins with a short introduction followed by eight
different sections explaining each day of the Holy Week. The story begins with
Palm Sunday and ends of Easter Sunday. The coordinating wooden nesting eggs are
what make this box set so unique.
These nesting eggs are hand carved and made of natural wood.
They give off a pleasant almond scent to me. The largest egg is about 6” tall
and the smallest egg is about 1.25” tall. Each egg has a gorgeous painted
design to match the story book. Simply pull apart the large egg and continue
opening each one until you find the small grey egg. As you open each egg, you
will discover the true Easter story with the journey of what Jesus went through such a long time ago.
 There are two different ways to experience this wonderful
box set. 
  1. AN EGG A DAY – You can start with reading the introduction
    and continue on to Palm Sunday. On Monday you will open up the largest egg
    which is the Palm Sunday egg to discover a new egg with a new story. Then
    continue with the next story, House of Prayer Monday. Continue this until you
    reach the very end of the story and you are left with the last grey egg on
    Easter Sunday.
  2. ALL AT ONCE – The second option is to simply
    read the entire book from start to end while opening each egg as you finish
    each story. This way you are reading the whole story all at once.
Personally I like the idea of going day by day. I think this
makes a great bedtime story for the kids. Reading one story per day also allows
them time to really get to know the story daily just as Jesus lived it. Kids
will enjoy the anticipation of what story is next. I really love the fact that
the storybook rhymes. Each section begins with a couple of pages describing the
story of what Jesus did for the day leading up to Easter. Afterwards is another
page which is a short overview in simpler terms describing what the day means
to us now. The last page of each story is a bible verse along with an
illustration which matches the corresponding egg. The last small grey egg is
empty as it symbolizes the tomb that was found empty.
As it’s becme customary to egg hunt and eat candy, we
should still remember the real importance of Easter. “The Easter Story Egg” box set
allows us to share these great stories with our littles ones. After Easter,
simply box everything up and save for the following year. Now children will be
looking forward to this educational yet fun activity for years to come. 

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  1. One of my most memorable Easters is from childhood. My mom made a beautiful floral print dress with purple flowers, my favorite! And I got a hat with a purple ribbon. I was in heaven!

  2. Easter is my favorite time of year because I love Spring and watching all of the flowers and trees come back to life. I also have really fun memories of Easter from when I was a child.

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