MAGNETIPS are incredible magnetic pens that you’ll fall in love with! Writing and coloring no longer has to be so boring. MAGNETIPS are refillable fine-liner pens that have been combined with strong Neodymium magnets to create a posable, playful and versatile pen set.

Do we really need to throw away our favorite sets of pens once they run out? Can there not be a way to make a set of pens useful and playful even when not used for coloring or writing?

These are the questions the design team of Typica London answered with the concept of MAGNETIPS. The idea behind this innovative product came from a love of coloring, good design, and the desire to de-clutter the work space.

The idea was not only to design high grade refillable coloring pens, but also be able to keep them in one confined spot, reduce clutter on the work top, and minimize waste.



MAGNETIPS pens are refillable and are purposefully designed to last. Each of the fine liners have 2 Neodymium magnets fixed in their shell, making them attract to one another and to most metal objects, allowing nearly unlimited options for how the pens can be stored, presented or played with which makes them great for fidget addicts!



The pens contain high quality, fine line refills and can be used for coloring, design sketching, or just writing beautiful prose.

There are two editions available – black or color shelled pens and the basic set includes 20 pens in a palette carefully curated by the team.



To complete the experience, MAGNETIPS also offers sets of 10 Chrome Balls. Adding chrome balls opens up a whole new world of playful possibilities that will help de-stress even the roughest day at the office.



“We had so much fun with this project,” explains Noam Bar Yohai from Typica. “the pens kept presenting new possibilities to us, almost having a life of their own. From wearing them on our wrists, to decorating our lamps —you name it, we probably built it with these guys. We hope people will enjoy them as much as we do.”











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  1. These sound like a great idea. I have never seen anything like these. I will be checking these out. Love the colors. Thank you for sharing

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