3 Tips to Simplify Your Makeup Routine


As women, we love to express ourselves through our makeup but sometimes it can be a hassle. Looking beautiful does take time and unfortunately, it can be painful at times too. What if we could still accomplish the same beautiful look all while simplifying the process? Hey, that means we get to sleep in a little longer! Getting more sleep will help with those puffy eyes too. So it’s a win win! I’ve come up with a short list to help streamline your beauty routine.



1. Streamline Your Stash

The first step is to throw away any used products that you haven’t worn in the past 5 months. If you haven’t reused them by now, you’re more than likely not going to later. If these products have already been used, they are more than likely just sitting there collecting bacteria. That’s something you definitely don’t want to put on your skin anyways, so just let it go. Less clutter means less time searching for the item you’re looking for.

Makeup Declutter

If you have tons of unused makeup, try to separate them from your everyday makeup. Put them in a separate area and organize them so you can find it quickly if needed. IKEA has some great drawer units.

Don’t forget about the drawer inserts. You can find these at most places like Walmart or online specialty stores like Sonny Cosmetics.




 2. Multitasking Makeup Products

Now that we have eliminated our stash and stored our excess makeup, let’s focus on the products that we will be using daily. We want products that will make our process quick and easy, especially in the mornings. Multitasking products can make your makeup application not only quicker, but it will also eliminate all the excess containers just laying in our way. This will also save us time by not having to fumble through looking for your makeup.


Let’s start with the pre-makeup items like serums, primers, eye cream, and face cream. This process alone probably takes five minutes or longer. What if I said we could have all of these items in just one bottle?! Simplicity Skincare has an amazing multitasking beauty product that you can use for your eyes, face, and neck! This one product can eliminate at least five different products, if not more. So what does this mean? It means you can save money, you have more room on your makeup counter, AND you spend less time applying beauty products. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

The Reversal Protection Complex by Simplicity Skincare is an all-in-one anti-aging solution that delivers superior serum and moisture. It’s in an airless container with a dual pump chamber which features the highest quality anti-aging peptide moisturizer and hyaluronic serum available. I love a container like this because it eliminates any bacteria from getting into the product. The dual pump allows you to control the amount you want to disperse of each product.

Simplicity Skincare Reversal Protection Complex

The Serum is loaded with hyaluronic acid and collagen building peptides. This is beneficial for refining the appearance of wrinkles, evening out skin tone and texture, and restoring the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The Moisture contains Matrixyl 300, Tripeptide-5, and Ocean based Retinol. When combined they help to firm, repair, and soothe fragile skin along with reducing wrinkles. It will leave your skin soft and hydrated with a glowing complexion.

Simplicity Skincare Reversal Protection Complex

I use this product twice a day. It substitutes my serum, primer, eye cream, and night cream. I use this one product under my foundation and it makes my skin look flawless all day long. I’ve literally received a lot of compliments lately on my makeup. The product absorbs quickly yet still leaving it hydrated. This Renewal Protection Complex is a great way to downsize without giving up your beauty necessities. If there’s any product that your beauty arsenal needs, it’s without a doubt Simplicity Skincare!


Another multitasking beauty product is where Cream Blush can double as Lip Color. The Lip + Cheek Color Stick at ULTA Beauty is a great multi-purpose makeup stick for lips and cheeks! This color stick applies sheer, lightweight coverage with subtle hints of shimmer. This good if you’re looking for more of a natural look. You can use the golden shade to highlight and contour your face.



The ELF Eyeliner and Shadow Stick is another great option. This is perfecting for quickly creating an easy smoky eye. Simply twist either end to emit the eye liner or shadow stick. You don’t even need a sharpener so there’s another product eliminated! Glide the soft gel liner across your eye to create dramatic definition to your eyes. Use the smooth glide shadow stick to lightly highlight your eyes. This will compliment the gorgeous eyeliner giving you the perfect polished look. ELF also has a Lip & Cheek Duo Stick. One side is matte and the other is shimmer. They both can be used as a lip color or blush. It’s a creamy formula infused with Vitamin E. This product does need a sharpener though.



You can find a large selection of multitasking beauty items. Choose the ones that are best for you!




3. Get Organized

So you’ve decluttered and thrown out your old/expired makeup. Then you decided on the items that you need for every day use and you hopefully chose some multi-tasked products. Now it’s time to get your daily beauty products in order. You’ll want these products to be easily accessible in order to save you time. Try to find an organizer that is clear and without drawers for your daily makeup. This will save you time by not having to fumble through looking for your makeup. Amazon has a nice Acrylic Makeup Organizer that works perfectly on top of your makeup counter. The acrylic resembles glass so it has a classy look and it’s really easy to clean. You can stack all of your daily beauty products in this organizer from your makeup brushes to your lipsticks.

If you prefer to have your makeup brushes and sponges separate, Amazon has a matching Acrylic Makeup Organizer. I really like this organizer because it has a cover to protect your brushes. It also has sides drawers where can store your makeup sponges or lipsticks.

Beauty Acrylic Makeup Organizer for Makeup Brushes and Sponges with Drawers

I’ve used the above organizers but I recently switched to a Rotating Makeup Organizer and I love it! This unique all-in-one makeup organizer is designed to accommodate all of your cosmetics and accessories neatly while taking up very little space. With a 360 degree rotation, you can find everything quickly. With this awesome organizer, you won’t be troubled by messy cosmetics scattered on your vanity table anymore!

I recently came across a great way to keep your cosmetics off your counter. If you have some wall space around your makeup counter, a Magnetic Magnetic Board may be a good option for you. You can find these boards online or simply make your own. It takes only a few supplies and it’s super easy to make so you can personalize it to your liking. Just make sure you get some heavy-duty magnets to place on your beauty products. I really love this idea!


Hopefully these tips have encouraged you to declutter and organize your makeup products!






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    I promise, I will consider expanding on MY face, especially my skin. I am starting to look ragged from not using moisturizer.

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