Give family and friends a memorable gift they’ll truly enjoy (and even share with others!) with My M&M’S®. You can customize My M&M’S® Candies with words, faces, logos and 25 colors. From birthdays to weddings to baby showers, My M&M’S® has you covered with their wide array of tasty treats. Here are a few of our favorites!



Bulk M&M’S® Candy (2-lb bag)

The options are endless with 2 pounds of your favorite candy. Bulk M&M’S can be customized to fit any taste or desire with endless personalization options. Choose your favorite colors, add words and images, or even select logos from your favorite sports teams or movie franchises. Use your bulk bag to fill candy dishes, top cupcakes, or just snack on whenever you’re in need of something sweet.




M&M’S® Characters Chocolate Birthday Gift Box

What better way to say “Happy Birthday” than with chocolate? This 1 pound box of customizable M&M’S® can be personalized with the color and message of your choice. Spell out the birthday celebrant’s name or initials, or even choose imagery that matches their personality and interests. Forget a boring gift card – give them something they’ll be excited to open (and enjoy!).

Baby Feet Candy Gift Box

This adorable baby gift box is perfect for new moms and dads to be. Personalize the candies to include the baby’s name, weight, birthdate, and even their first photo for a special way to commemorate the occasion. Incorporate these into a gender-reveal party and surprise guests with the color, or create an edible baby book for something truly unique.

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favor Packs

These wedding favors will make the impression of a lifetime. Celebrate your big day with personalized M&M’S® wedding favors your guests will love. Get creative with color coordinating, special quotes, or even your favorite romantic pictures. Put them at guests’ seats to snack on during the ceremony or on dining tables at the reception. This is one wedding favor your guests will actually want to take home.





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Brandi Hayden

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  1. These are so nice. I love the colors. We enjoy munching on M&M’s. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  2. These are so fun!! I love that you can even get a picture printed on them! Perfect for seriously any and every occasion!

  3. This is a Great idea! I have used this My M&M ideas before. One was for a bridal shower and the other was for a birthday party. Of course, they were a huge hit & I have not met a person yet that doesn’t like M&Ms!!

  4. Thank you for sharing. I got these for our son’s wedding. It had their name on it and the day they were married. Pretty cool.

  5. One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was when my son sent me some M&M’s with our pictures on them <3 I saved some in the freezer 🙂

  6. michelle warner

    wow i didnt know you could do that with m and m’s, Thats super cool, what great gift ideas. I think my favorite is the baby feet box, super cute!!

  7. I have always loved these personalized M&Ms. Some friends got married and it was one of the best ones.. their names are Mike and Melissa, so the kept the M&M part on some and put their names on others!

  8. (MAKE IT A MEMORABLE GIFT WITH M&M’S) I have seen M & M candies used in a wedding reception before and they really did make all of the tables look so pretty and festive. It’s amazing what you can do with them now a days.

  9. I’ve been giving personalized M & Ms for years now to my coworkers. They love ’em and it just a tasty and great gift to gift!

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