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We love collecting our life stories in many different ways. These days everything is digital so we’re capturing our moments on digital cameras or video cameras. We always have some special photos that we would like to display in our home for our friends and family to see when they visit. We also love to see our own special moments daily. CanvasChamp will help you turn your most cherished photos into beautiful works of art. They offer high quality custom Canvas Prints at an affordable price. You can also find a variety of other specialty prints such as Metal Prints and Engraved Plaques.



Printing your photos to canvas is super easy. The hardest part is picking out your photos. You will want to make sure that your photos are a high-quality image for best results. CanvasChamp allows you to upload a photo from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram. They also have a photo gallery with a variety of different styled photos to choose from.

CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Prints


After you have chosen your photos, you should consider where you’re going to display your canvas. You can display your stunning work of art on your home or office walls. You will want to think about this first so you will know what size canvases to order. There are multiple sizes available for Square, Panoramic, Small, and Large. You can also order a custom size if you don’t see one that will work for your space. There’s even an option for a single panel or multiple panels along with an option for portrait or landscape.

CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Prints


Other options to think about are the edges and framing of your prints. You can choose from a Mirror Wrap, Image Wrap, or Colored Wrap. Or you can simply choose from a variety of Frames. Sometimes, a picture becomes more enliven when it gets an artistic touch with a slight modification. You can adorn your canvas prints with versatile colors and effects ranging from Sepia, Gray Scale, Digital Oil Painting, Pop Art, to Caricatures. The Pop Art (Warhol) is one of my favorite ones. It adds a little artsy vibe to your photo.


CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Prints Optional Color Finishing Warhol Pop Art Photo


There are still more great features that you can choose for your masterpiece. Those include Hanging options, Photo enhancements, and Lamination options. Canvas photo prints are very trendy right now but photos are not the only way to get in on this high design product. You can also use them to display inspiring quotes, your wedding vows, and even a special birthday message to a loved one.


CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Prints Text


I am more than thrilled with my canvas print! I will admit, my original photo was not one of high quality. However, I did have a good excuse and I did try to make it a better quality. I was wanting to surprise my husband with a photo of him and his mom. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a new photo made because she passed away earlier this year. So I decided to choose the very last photo they made together during the holiday’s last year.

I took the digital photo and made some changes with two photo editors, PicMonkey and Canva. I didn’t like the background in their photo so I removed some of the background and then faded out the edges. I took this edited photo and placed it on top of a flower background. After all the editing was done, I saved it in the best format possible. I utilized the photo enhancements on CanvasChamp by doing some minor retouching. I asked for an enhance in color and to adjust the image by lightening or darkening as needed. I also opted in for the lamination because this adds vibrancy to your canvas. It’s also good in the long run because it protects your canvas from fingerprints, smudges, and pollution. It gave my canvas an overall bright and glossy finish.


CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Photo


CanvasChamp Personalized Canvas Photo



A photograph is worth a thousand words – so why not tell your story with a Canvas Print?



CanvasChamp Canvas Prints





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41 thoughts on “Display Your Cherished Moments with Canvas Prints by CanvasChamp”

  1. I love canvas photos! Finding a place that does good quality prints is harder than it should be. I haven’t heard of this one before and yours turned out awesome! Definitely have to keep this in mind for one I need to print again.

  2. Wow, your before and after are amazing! I love how yours came out and have a few photos I think would work really well with this. I like the look of photos on canvas.

  3. I love decorating my room with pictures and canvas photos. This is just the thing that I have been looking for. Thanks a lot. I will save canvaschamp’s website for future usage.

  4. These canvas prints look so beautiful. I would want to have our recent family portrait made into a canvas and displayed in our living room wall.

  5. Looks like a great idea for decorating your home and making it more personal:) When I have my own place, I’ll definitely look into it! They look super high quality. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just love this idea. I love that they are so light weight and they look great on the wall. Thank you for sharing this great idea. God Bless

  7. This is such a wonderful way to display our family pictures. I would love these in my home and this is such a great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  8. We love canvas prints and have a few around the house that my husband had made up at his job (printing company). I love how Canvas Champ can add special touches to a print making it more personal. These are truly a great way to add a decorative touch with loved ones on the wall.

  9. This is such a great gift idea! I have several pics that would be great for gifting to grandparents and aunts & uncles. I love how many different customization options they offer. Thanks for the gifting inspiration!

  10. This would make a wonderful gift, either to have a picture already done, or so they can pick out their own picture and options.

  11. These are great! I bought my mom one one year that was a photo of her property from a chopper and every visitor in her house asks about it. These are something great to have.

  12. I came across this company about 8 months ago and decide to get one made for my niece. She had a photo of her and her 6 month old daughter that she loved. So that was the picture I used. When I received it …. perfect….. my niece cried.

  13. I would love to try this, especially for gifts! If you have some special photos, this would be a nice way to use them!

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