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Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game


Having quality family time is super important. Spending time together ensures a deep and strong family bond. One way I like to spend time with the family is having game nights. This is a great way for the family to connect. RoosterFin has a wide range of fun games that the whole family is sure to love. This small family-owned business has created educational games to improve memory, counting, and motor skills. So your kids aren’t just having fun, they’re learning too! This is something I look for when searching for family-friendly games.


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game Educational


Behind each of the RoosterFin games is a former math teacher who loves to invent new games and adding a little math into each one.

[pullquote width=”650″ float=”left”]I know life isn’t all fun and games, so I insert a little bit of math into each RoosterFin game. This ensures children can apply skills from school into my games while playing with family and friends.[/pullquote]


Joe RoosterFin works with his wife Kate and his sister Christine. They love to create simple to learn and easy to play educational games for families. Their Wizard Roll game received the 2017 Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine amongst others. This fast-paced game is for 2 to 6 players ages 7 and up.


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game Awards


Wizard Roll is the dice-matching, pattern-building game of magical spells! Everything you need to create your spells is in the box including ancient rune tiles, action cubes, fire and water element chips and magical spell cards. Everyone is dealt two magical spell cards. You get to choose which one card you want to keep and you have to discard the other. These cards have a number in the corner for the spell points. You would want to keep the highest numbered card because the first person to collect 7 spell points wins the game. The cards also have a spell name at the top along with the rune tiles and elements. Players compete by rolling the action cubes and building their spell by matching the patterns on their spell card. 


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game Spell Cards


After your roll, you get to choose one pattern from the action cube that you show on your spell card. You will place the matching rune tile next to your card. If you don’t have either of the patterns from the action cube, it’s called a bad roll. You then must offer one of the patterns to the all other players. If you roll a wizard wand, you can Zap a rune tile from your opponent, forcing them to lose their tile. A round ends when one player completes their spell card. That player must pick up the reference card and read their spell aloud. For example, Sha-Ruk-Wa-Ack-Fa. That’s not the end of the game! You start another round and keep playing until one person collects 7 spell point.

Watch Joe and Kate RoosterFin demonstrate how to play!


I played this game with my 9-year-old nephew and his mom. We all had a fun time Zapping each other. It’s an exciting fast-paced game. I think my nephew loved to read the magic spells more than anything. He was so into the game and didn’t want to stop playing.


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game


Wizard Roll is the dice-matching, pattern-building game of magical spells that helps –

  • Increase Family Time – A leisurely game of Wizard Roll increases emotional bonding 
  • Improve Sibling Rivalry – By playing together kids learn boundaries, rules, and sharing 
  • Build Self Confidence –  Kids build confidence learning to communicate with their parents  
  • Reduce Stress – Both kids and adults benefit from a break in their daily routine
  • Boost Child Development – Encourages children to become lifelong learners
  • Less Gadget Time – Parents and kids benefit from social interaction


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game


You can find Wizard Roll on Amazon or directly on RoosterFin’s website


Wizard Roll RoosterFin Family Game 7



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10 thoughts on “Create Magical Spells with the Wizard Roll Family Game”

  1. We have a family game night and it’s the best, everyone laughing and just enjoying each other! My kiddos would love this game especially my youngest son. Thanks so much for sharing, i think this game will be under our tree as a family gift!

  2. gloria patterson

    This sounds l,ike something my niece and her family would enjoy. They don’t have cable so they are limit to rented movies. So they play a lot of family games in the winter

  3. My kids would love this game, they are obsessed with Harry Potter! Sounds like a great way to get my 10 year old to enjoy math💗

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