Welcome to the Love Is In The Air Valentine’s Giveaway!

I want to thank my awesome fans with an amazing giveaway to start off your New Years!

3 lucky winners will receive $500 via Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash

What would you buy if you won?!


Love Is In The Air Valentine's Giveaway



Terms and conditions: 3 (three) people will win $500 via Amazon GC or Paypal cash.To be eligible to win, entrants must be 18 years or older. This giveaway is open worldwide, void where prohibited. Winner must respond within 48 hours to confirm using the email that they signed into Rafflecopter with. Winners will be chosen within 72 hours of the giveaway close date. If the winner doesn’t respond within the allotted time, the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be chosen. Winners list will be sent to co-hosts for an announcement once the winners have been confirmed.


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Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Guide

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Brandi Hayden

Brandi Hayden

I'm Brandi from suburbs of Memphis, TN. I enjoy trying new products & services, and sharing my experience with others. My blog consists of my "Theory" on products and everyday life from a babe born on Easter.

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115 thoughts on “$1500 Love Is In The Air Giveaway (3-Winners)”

  1. Hi Brandi, Well let’s see, my 5 favorite things that I’m grateful for today, #1 my husband feeling better from the flu on day two of misery #2 That in our old age after 40 years wed, that we still have each other, #3 my husband’s remission from cancer, #4 Our precious grandson, #5 God’s love that binds us in faith Have a blessed week ahead Brandi, always enjoy your blog, long time follower. #LoveIsInTheAirValentinesGiveaway #EasterBabesTheory

  2. I’m grateful for:
    1.) My family
    2.) My health
    3.) Life
    4.) Freedom
    5.) That I have so many things to be grateful and thankful for. Happiness.

  3. 1. My parents are still living 2. Happily coupled with my sweetie for 16 yrs 3. I have a home & roof over my head 4. I have enough to eat 5. I have a new car

  4. I am grateful for God, my family, my friends, my dog, my health, my job and living in the USA. The list is endless. PS. I also love sweets!

  5. Trying to think if 5 more things- I am not in want of anything, I still have 2 30 yr+ BFFs, I have a wonderful man, I get to travel, I have seen the Grand Canyon

  6. Ashley Chassereau Parks

    I am grateful for my parents, my 2 daughters, my hubby, baby #3 due in April, and heat in my house!! Its been pretty cold here lately. Eek!

  7. I love my husband Michael and kids Albert and Zachary and julie . also my sisters and sister in law . Bother mother and mother in laws

  8. I am grateful for 1.chocolate 2.peanut butter 3.buttered popcorn 4.bacon5.navel oranges Have no ideal what I would spend $1500 on but I would love doing it. All of my 5 faves would be heavily included too!

  9. I woke up this morning, I have a home, I have food to eat, I have a car to drive, I have a wonderful life partner!

  10. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my health, my job, my great dog Bailey and our great cat Jasmine and our funny bird Doodle

  11. Firstly so far none of my family has the flu, secondly, my family, third, that I am no longer in extreme debt, forth, that I have a solid foundation, and lastly, that I am no longer a bad person in my daily choices 🙂

  12. I love and am grateful for: 1. my husband, 2. my son, 3. having wonderful family, 4. God’s love for us, 5. having a beautiful home and employment

  13. I am grateful for my dad bringing me to my Lyme specialist 2 hours away today, finding a surgeon to place a new port covered by my ins, finding an infusion company covered by my ins, and getting an appt with a surgeon tom morning.

  14. I love Cape Cod potato chips, Peppermint Stick Fudge Crackle ice cream, my VW convertible Beetle, my cats and my clothes folder.

  15. I am grateful for my health (as it is), technology, my Sens and Rep on Capitol Hill, kids who speak up about injustice (you go, David Hogg!!!), and nature.

  16. I am grateful for my health, my financial situation, the great jobs I have had in my career, the opportunity to travel, and my husband.

  17. I love and am grateful for the Earth, all living things, that I live in a country where guns are tightly controlled and we don’t have mass shootings, science and anti-depressant medications.

  18. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

    My Fiance, a very understanding boss that let me take off a day to grieve the death of my cat, My two remaining cats, and we are getting raises at work!

  19. I am grateful for the Product Reviews, Gift Guides, Pinterest posts, Giveaways and Health and Fitness posts on this blog!

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