Cherish Your Moments on Custom Canvas Prints with CanvasChamp


Turn your favorite photos into canvas prints with CanvasChamp.

This is an easy way to integrate your family photos into personalized art for your home.

Printing your photos to canvas is super easy. The hardest part is picking out your photos.



CanvasChamp allows you to upload a photo from your computer, Facebook, or Instagram.


Cherish Your Moments on Canvas with CanvasChamp from Facebook and Instagram


They also have a photo gallery with a variety of different styled photos to choose from.


Cherish Your Moments on Canvas with CanvasChamp Picture Gallery


After uploading your photo, you simply choose the size you would like and any extra accessories that you may want.

I love the work that CanvasCamp produces. I was super pleased with my first canvas print from CanvasChamp that I had to order another one. The only difference is that I did not choose the extra touch-up options for this print. I feel like this really does make the photo pop a little more. So I do suggest looking at these options such as red-eye removal, enhance color, lighten or darken the image, etc. This allows CanvasChamp to really put their expertise to work. Another great option that I chose for my prints is lamination. This helps to protect the canvas over the years, plus it also makes the color pop too.



Here’s a little more about CanvasChamp

CanvasChamp Canvas Prints

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A photograph is worth a thousand words – so why not tell your story with a Canvas Print?!

CanvasChamp will help you turn your most cherished photos into beautiful works of art.

Print your photos as high-quality canvas prints at any size from 8″ x 8″ to 54″ x 54″. They have unlimited options and the best customer service backed by a 100% “love-it” guarantee! Just take a snap and have it printed on high-quality canvas with all the moments in your life. They’re running 87% off canvas plus more special offers on each occasion!

Be sure to check out their variety of other specialty prints such as Metal Prints, Engraved Plaques, and their new cheap Photo Poster Prints.

CanvasChamp Canvas Prints

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53 thoughts on “Cherish Your Moments on Canvas with CanvasChamp”

  1. Thank you for the review, this company and their product looks excellent! I have a few pictures that I would like to have saved on canvas, glad to know whom to use!

  2. Right now we have a big Girl Scout Camp out planned for March and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in May. My girls can’t wait to go to both!

  3. I love this! I have always wanted to try a canvas print. This would be such a sweet Valentine’s gift. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to take my family on a fun filled vacation. I am on a budget though so I need to figure this out. Thank you so much for sharing

  5. We recently made plans with our old neighbors to go down to Maryland over Memorial day weekend to visit with them. They live right near Assateague so it should be a lot of fun!

  6. I don’t have any canvas prints, but what I’ve seen and read in this review, sounds like these are worth it! The prints would be great memory investments and look amazing in my home!

  7. NO plans I am at a age that if I wake up and decided to go somewhere I do it. My last fun was in January where I decided to go visit my sister, 600+ miles late we were in bed laughing and watching TV with her grandkids

  8. In the summer I love going to the marina with my granddaughter and nieces.We feed the ducks and birds,watch the kites and take lots of pictures.I have 6 canvases and I want lots more.Thank you for the chance ☺

  9. I plan on going to Arizona this summer with my best friend. I may also go back to Ecuador on a mission trip this year. Thanks.

  10. Headed to Texas this Friday for some relaxation and then a week in Florida in June. Can’t WAIT!
    Considering as I look out my window its a blizzard outside in MN. Brrrrr

  11. I want to go to the zoo, museum and splash pad in our town. Hopefully, this summer we will be able to make it to the beach.

  12. My biggest plan this year is going to Florida this summer. I can’t wait to get in the ocean and lay on the beach!

  13. I am planning on taking my son to Sea World this summer, he really loves sea creatures, so he will be thrilled.

  14. This October we celebrate our 20th anniversary so we are trying to decide what we want to do special. We are trying to decide whether we want to take a cruise or fly to Hawaii. I know this may sound extreme but I truly want to make this milestone special.

  15. I dont really have anything planned. I got engaged this year so that was the topping on my cake, only thing that could make it better is if I got a positive test result. Oh, and I might go camping this summer.

  16. rachael debates

    We don’t have any plans yet this year but we would love to travel anywhere, even if it’s just a few hours away!

  17. We are venturing into the T-shirt business, more for a hobby but also to help out with our church and community events.

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