Purmist Personal Spray Hand Sanitzer without alcohol for adults and kids

Hand sanitizers are meant to help keep us safe from germs. However, when alcohol-based hand sanitizers are misused, they can cause harm. Alcohol-based sanitizers contain either ethanol, which can be found in alcoholic beverages, or isopropyl alcohol, which is known as rubbing alcohol. This can be very harmful not only to adults but kids too. You need to protect your family with a remedy that doesn’t contain any harmful toxins. There are over 40 different hand sanitizers on the market. PurMist is the only one that uses natural botanical oils and it’s alcohol-free and non-toxic for young children to safely use.

PurMist clinically tested by a globally renowned 3rd party laboratory in the United States



According to the AAPCC, American Association of Poison Control Centers, there were more than 12,000 cases of hand sanitizer ingestions in 2006. There were more than 70,000 calls to poison control centers across the US from 2011 to 2014 for children ages 12 and under. While a child who may lick a tiny amount of hand sanitizer off their hands is unlikely to become sick, however, ingesting anymore is at risk for alcohol poisoning. A 2-oz bottle of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is equivalent to 4 shots of vodka. This is enough to cause alcohol poising in small children or drunkenness in adults. So without any doubts, you’re better off choosing a hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free and equally effective without all the harmful risks. According to the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “recent reports have identified serious consequences, including apnea, acidosis, and coma in young children who swallowed alcohol-based hand sanitizer”. If a child ingests hand sanitizer, do the prudent thing and use the webPOISONCONTROL® online tool or call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

PurMist no alcohol hand sanitizer



Protect you and your family from harmful germs with a hand sanitizer that is free of carcinogens and toxins, safe for kids, and protects for 6 hours with each application. PurMist offers the newest in personal protection technology for infection control available to consumers to date. It’s a powerful, natural sanitizer that combats harmful germs within 15 seconds and helps your child and entire family stay healthy throughout the cold and flu season. It will not be ingested after the application, which means that your young one can eat with their hands after they’ve applied PurMist properly without risk of intoxication. Providing 6 hours of protection per application and being non-toxic outperforms any hand sanitizer to date. No other sanitizer on the market currently can make this claim!

PurMist Personal Hand Sanitizer Spray proprietary blend of botanical oils

The proprietary blend of botanical oils kills harmful germs and naturally moisturizes your skin. The more you use PurMist, the better your skin condition, leaving skin soft and healthier after each application. Unlike other sanitizers that can make your skin dry and susceptible to infection, PurMist’s botanical oils work with your skin’s own natural oils to protect against harmful germs and continues to moisturize with each use. You never have to worry about sticky residue, greasy film, dry-cracked skin, or skin cell damage when you use PurMist.

The PurMist product line offers a proprietary blend of botanical oils which are cold or hot pressed.



PurMist is a new technology which has been clinically tested by a globally renowned 3rd party laboratory in the United States. This new technology has been developed by a first responder with over 20 years’ experience in the Military, Police and Fire department. Understanding infection control in this work environment is extremely important for everyone involved to stop human to human cross contamination reducing sick time, costly hospital stays and spreading harmful germs and bacteria to the family when coming home from the job.

The value of PurMist is a new superior technology for human-to-human cross contamination through touch.

The inventor and founder of PurMist/BioSilvics, Inc also has a horticulture degree being able to head the formulation process. While serving, the inventor/founder of BioSilvics, Inc over the past decade developed this new technology to be used in the field and bring to consumers to help protect families. Unfortunately, due to an unknown contamination in the work field, the founder had to retire from the fire department ending this enjoyed and lengthy career. The founder was rendered bedridden, hospitalized for many months having to retire from the force presently dealing with this lifelong disability. While struggling with his own health issues, the company continued slowly bringing all the components together to build the process for FDA acceptance, testing and much more to be able to go to market in the United States to continue his humanitarian work by providing this new sanitizing technology.

Be Wise and Sanitize with PurMist Personal Spray without alocohol



PurMist has been heavily tested to ensure all standards have been achieved for the protection of the consumer and to back their claims 100%. PurMist has its own FDA/GLP (Good Lab practices) testing criteria. The standard protocol for testing hand sanitizers would not prove effective enough for PurMist. Although PurMist’s properties were known to be effective as a sanitizing agent, in June 2015 an accredited American laboratory determined it had the exceptional capacity to kill many different harmful disease-causing germs and bacteria. All testing has been completed under the highest FDA authority of Good Lab Practices. This USA made product is American Disability Association Cleared with a US Federal Contract, and DAPA approved for the US Government and all Military stores and divisions.

PurMist American laboratory FDA USA

You can use PurMist to eliminate 99.9999% of harmful germs in a matter of seconds absolutely anywhere, anytime. PurMist provides protection you can trust for your little ones when they’re at daycare and school – as well as for your whole family at home and at the office.

PurMist to eliminate 99.9999% of harmful germs



The mist is easily applied to the skin. Remove cap, apply mist as needed onto the hands and rub until thoroughly dry. PurMist adds a new delivery system which can apply the spray to the hands as well as the arms. The spray is able to disperse 360 degrees for full coverage. Apply from the elbows under the forearms down to the hands. Once both hands and arms have full coverage, wipe both thoroughly until fully dried. Protects from the spread of bacteria and germs when arms are laying on tables, airplane seat/armrests and other objects. When coughing or sneezing, place your face into the arms to cover a sneeze or cough so not to infect others. The user of PurMist will also be protected from harmful bacteria and germs which may be on the forearms and hands.

PurMist hand sanitzer spray and moisturizer without alcohol for kids



PurMist is a natural, moisturizing formulation using botanical oils solving century old problems of cross-contamination from touch. It’s able to kill bacteria and germs safely within 15 seconds of application while protecting with glove-like protection continually for 6 hours with just one application. PurMist is the first of its kind with this technology! The pocket-sized mister is perfect for any application on the go. The personal mister fits easily into any pocket, purse, suit jacket, knapsack and handbag to mention only a few. The 3.4-oz Hand and Arms Spray Sanitizer will be available for back to school in July 2018.

PurMist Hand and Arm Sanitizer Spray

Purmist pocket-sized mister
Purmist pocket-sized mister


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33 thoughts on “Be Wise & Sanitize with PurMist Personal Mister”

  1. If I keep the product in my car (I live in Florida), does it lose its potency? Or should I just keep it in my purse? I do like having back-up items in my car (I can’t help myself)

  2. this sounds like a great product! I have a couple germy little kids at home and I’ve always hated using hand sanitizer. This seems like a much better option.

  3. I always use hand sanitizer when I travel but never thought of using it at home as well. This particular one sounds great because it’s all natural but still very efficient.

  4. every time I try to image just how much germs there are around me I just want to hide 😫.. I used to sanitised absolutely everything I touch + my own hands but honestly, it was mentally breaking me so I’ve learned and tried really hard to not think about it.

  5. I didn’t know that alcohol based sanitizers are so harmful. I had never paid any attention to it and just use it when I go to public places. Thanks for the info.

  6. I always wondered what would happen with little kids using the alcohol based sanitizer. It would be much better without one and this looks like a great product.

  7. Anita, Maurice Mckaney

    Wow! Makes me want to wash my hands right now! lol But the way we pass germs around is so casual. It’s scary! I keep hand sanitizer in my purse all the time. I will have to look into this one!

  8. Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like a much better and safer product than what we use. I had not heard of this before. I will try this for my family. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. I didn’t like my kids or grandkids to use those hand sanitizers a lot. I know this was on my grandkids school list, so we had to buy one for them to keep in their backpacks. In my opinion, as long as they washed their hands with good ol’ soap and water, that was good enough. There is such a thing as washing your hands too much and washing away your natural ability to fight germs off. This mist does sound promising. I want to ask my doctor and read more about it.before I use it or recommend it. Thank you for sharing this information!

  10. Very informative post, thank you so much! I have three little ones so of course I am always concerned about germs.

  11. Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds great. I have never heard of this before. We want to keep our children healthy and make sure nothing makes them sick. I am a nurse and clean my hands often and they get so dry. This would be perfect for me. Thank you so much for sharing

  12. Debbie Welchert

    I couldn’t believe how much alcohol is in a 2 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer. All I can say is Wow. I would love to try PurMist finding out it is free of alcohol and will protect your hands up to six hours. I can’t wait to try it out.

  13. My first choice is always something natural. I didn’t know this even existed in a sanitizer. I have been careful to look for an alcohol based sanitizer because I had read that was the better choice of what was out there. Now that I know there is a natural choice, I will definitely switch.

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