20 Last-Minute Halloween Couples Costumes On Amazon

Dressing up for Halloween as a couple can really be a blast! If you have never had the chance to dress up with your significant other you must add it to your to-do on your Halloween list. We have gathered a list of 20 Last-Minute Halloween Couples Costumes On Amazon so you can easily pick the perfect couples costume. Plus, if you’re waiting until the very last minute, Amazon will ship most of these Halloween costumes with 2-day delivery if you’re a Prime member.

Happy halloween


1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Set

First, we have the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume. This cute costume will remind everyone of their childhood when they scarfed down all the PB and J’s as a kid. It will also show your love for food if your foodie. So it’s the perfect foodie dynamic duo!


2. Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

Furthermore, to continue with the foodie dynamics you can also go as Bacon and Eggs. It’s the breakfast classic that you’ll probably make everyone at the party crave a plate of good old breakfast.

3. Perfectly Paired Wine and Cheese Set

Want to go for something a bit off the wall but still stay in the foodie range. Try this couples costume for wine and cheese. If you’re throwing the party you could do a Halloween wine and cheese party and host in these costumes.


4. Bob Ross Artist Couples Paint Set

Maybe your not the huge food couple but more into art or classic TV. In that case, test out this Bob Ross couples costume of being a painting and the painter. Every artist at the party will definitely get a great laugh!


5. Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Now this set is old school! I remember when couples would wear this made out of cardboard. Well, now you can upgrade from the cardboard and plug-in with this plug and outlet couples costume.


6. Tacky Tourist Adult Costume

If you and the other half are travelers, then show off your fun side with this wacky tourist costume. This is the couples costume that everyone will get a good laugh from at the party. You could add in some suitcases with fun trinkets in them too.

7. I Love Nerds Couples Costume Set

do you enjoy candy? Can’t get enough? A couples candy costume that’s perfect for the candy lovers and screams Halloween would be this Nerds couples costume. You’ll both be as cute as candy.

8. Ketchup & Mustard Matching Couples Hoodies

These pair of hoodies are perfect for any foodie couple. Ketchup and Mustard shows the dynamic duo from a diner or hot dog stand. Got a little kid and a dog? Make the little one relish and the dog a hot dog. The entire family could be an all American hot dog.

9. Adam & Eve Couples Eden Costume

Going for something a bit different. You can easily be Adam and Eve. Party like it’s your last night in the Garden of Eden in this couples costume set.


10. Cookies and Milk Costume

It’s like the food community is screaming, be food couples! This milk and cookies costume set is just super duper adorable.


11. Oreo Cookie Couples Costume

Don’t want to be milk and cookies? How about two sides of an oreo cookie? I mean we all love dunking those!


12. Dinosaur Plus Cosplay Pajama Costume

Change it up a bit and go prehistoric with a pair of dinosaur couples costumes. You’ll be the roar of the party!

Aoibox Adult Dinosaur Plush One Piece Animal Cosplay Costume Pajamas

13. Go Go Costume

Take it back to the 60’s and 70’s with a set of his and hers Go Go costumes. Make sure to get in character and use the lingo from that time.

Go Go Halloween Costume

14. BLT Couples Costume

If you’re a foodie then you know just how much a BLT is like the best sandwich ever! You and you’re significant other can be the best sandwich with this costume of a BLT.


15. Hallowen Sweatshirt 3D Printed Costume

Looking for something a little more basic? These Halloween hoodies with different designs can be coupled together without having to wear an uncomfortable costume.

POTO Halloween Sweatshirt,Mens Womens Ghost 3D Printing Hoodie Sweatshirts Jumper Hooded Pullover Tops Blouse Shirt16. El Toro The Terri Bull Costume

Bring a bit of culture to the costumes you plan to wear. This set is a toro and a bull. I mean think of how much fun you could be shaking that red cloth in front of your significant other.Forum Novelties El Toro The Terri Bull Costume Adult Size Standard One-Size

17. German Beer Bavarian Oktoberfest Lederhosen Costume

Another set of costumes that are a piece of history. Go as a Bavarian couple from Oktoberfest. Make sure to put on a good accent!

18. Hasbro Game Mr. Mrs. Potato Head Costume Kit

Go to a throwback from your childhood. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head can be pretty fun and simple couples costume.

Hasbro Game Mr. Mrs. Potato Head Halloween Costume Kit

19. Hot Dog and Bug Couples Costume

You could be a hotdog and the bun. If you have kids and want to make this a family costume, you can have them go as ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, and mustard.


20. Soap and Loofah Bubbles Costume Set

For a quick and easy change, choose this unique Soap and Loofah costume set.


After all, no matter which couples costume you pick, these will definitely get people talking at the Halloween party. Plus, you save money by getting two Halloween costumes for the price of one. You may end up winning the “Best Couples Costume” award. We all love Halloween because it brings us back to our childhood and lets us be anyone we want for just one day!


Happy halloween


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21 thoughts on “20 Last-Minute Halloween Couples Costumes On Amazon”

  1. Some of these are costumes I would have never thought of! My husband and I have done matching costumes a few times. We’ve been Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Mario and Princess Peach, and Ninja Turtles last year with our boys. This year we are all going to be part of PJ Masks, I will be Luna Girl!

  2. Some of these are pretty funny! I love the dinosaur idea though as that is indeed something my husband and I would do! I’m already tempted to go get us some just for the sake of it!

    However, we do prefer to make our own costumes/cosplays. We’ve been Joker and Harley a few times and have a few planned.

  3. Halloween is the most mystical and magical time of the year. It’s a favorite holiday in our household. These couple costumes are so cute and silly. How could one not get into the holiday spirit wearing these couple costumes?

  4. These are such cute ideas! My husband and I have actually never done a couples costume before, maybe I can convince him next year! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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